Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shopping online!!!!

Hey everyone ,

I think everyone know what is online shoppin. For me it´s the best thing i´ve ever done :)
I like the feeling when i browse somefashione pages, where I can buy some absolutlly briliant stuff  for my wardrobe :)
First thing i´ve ever buy online was my cool rain boots from ebay, i spent on it almost all my christmas money , but i was so excited when it comes. I put on it already , but just then wasn´t raining so i was so funny :D :D My friend laughted at me, but i felt better thn ever :P Everyone called OMG you have amazing rainboots , i´ve never seen it where do yo u buy them :) ...and i sad on ebay you never shooped on ebay?? OMG :D It was so funny :P

And then i started browse some online shops. Some day a read in some magazine about ASOS i clicked there and now it´s my favourite shop. On its websides I´m every day and browse what´s new or what´s in sale. I love shooping there because only few people know about it. There have got amazing clothes and amazing price....

So go on and enjoy shopping



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  1. Może ktoś jest zainteresowany kupnem - można wykorzystać jako prezent na święta. Zapraszam: