Thursday, August 25, 2011

My weekend night outfit

So my friend bring me my camera, so i made you some photos of my weekend outfit. I was on birthday party of my friend :) .. When I walked around th city i felt like a star . It was a good feeling :) 

So this was my outfit. This dress i bought on second hand for 7 euro. It was awesome:) I used with it black belt grom another dress.

Bag. is from Primark my BF bought it for me:) In Slovakia I can´t find it so I´m so happy that she bring it. :) 

it has nice animal print inside og bag is nice . 

My ring from six, I thnik :) .. Is very nice and I have a neclase which match with ring. 

And shoes are from Deichmann. I think Black high heel should have every woman::) .This shoes are very confortable. I like high heels :) 

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