Thursday, August 25, 2011

My new coat , today came :)


Today was totally amazing and my new coat from came. I was so excited. I had breakfast, and spoke with my mum about coat and in the moment someone rang and it was postwoman and she bring my coat. :) 
Is verry nice, but little bit big , because my number wasn´t so i should buy one size bigger. But it fit good. It´s brown and has very nice buttons. I love this coat. Here are some photos :) 


Dnes bolo uzasne a konecne mi prisiel kabat:) . Bola som strasne rada akurat sme sedeli pri ranajkach a hovorili s maminou o tom kabate, ze kedy asi tak pride :P ...A zrazu zvonila pri dverach postarka aniesla moj kabat. Bola som taka rada. Je krasny , ale trosku velky, pretoze moje cislo bolo uz vypredane tak som si musela kupit o cislo vacsie, ale ved nevadi. Mam velmi pekne gombiky. Tu je pra foto :) 

This is the coat and me. Sorry for my messy room :) 

Sleeve. There so can see my sleeve with my arm, it´s little bit big:) But good :) 

Nice button. One part why i chosed this coat :) 

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